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Writing In Public - The Game Plan

Writing in public has a wide variety of benefits. Here are the three things I'm focusing on as I write in public.
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Sasquatch sitting at a table typing on a typewriter in a cafe, surrounded by people going about their days, generated with Midjourney

If you've followed me for any amount of time, you have likely seen that I'm a big believer in building in public. And not just sharing revenue or success, but sharing all the details.

Oversharing, even.

But there's a really good reason for that. I'm a firm believer that most people aren't incentivized to share widely, and I want to change that. I'm building out a library of resources and tools that everyone can use in order to become as successful as possible, in whatever form that takes.

And this book will be no different. In fact, it's going to be a fairly major aspect of my goal to develop Build In Public University.


In tech, there is a model that I've seen used over and over: templates.

What's a template? In a nutshell, it's a packaging of expertise that someone of lesser experience can use. From doing something, we be definition gain experience.

If I write one book, am I suddenly a font of expertise that everyone should come to for information? Not at all.

But I might have something that someone who hasn't written a book yet and wants to could use. Or maybe I will have a technique that someone who wrote a book 5 years ago will be able to use for their next one. The truth is I don't know who they might help. But I share them because even if they can help one person, it's worth it to me.

So I'll put together templates that can help me in my process, whether it be the writing process, the research process, the distribution process, the monetization process, whatever. So when I find something that works, I'll attempt to package it up for others as much as I can.

And they'll be available to students at Build In Public University. That's the research aspect of the university. I'm doing things, I'm building, I'm creating, and I'm seeing what works.

And that leads me to the next part of this book.


As I write about technology and where it has been and where it currently is, I'm going to be playing with a lot of things.

That's the easiest way for me to understand not only how something works, but how it can be used as part of a larger play. So as I write about things, I'm going to be setting up playgrounds where I can experiment. I've started doing research this week and I've got some ideas around various things I can do. I'll be publishing experiment reports on what I'm doing, how I'm doing it, why I'm doing it, and the results.

This will be part of the research I do for the book. Everything I write about, I'll have some experience in. And that experience will be part of the book. Possibly in novel ways that people haven't tried before.

I'm going to have some fun and unleash my creativity in these experiments.

And a lot of those will be geared to unlock the final thing I'll be focusing on.


I want this book to be an interactive process.

Part of this is altruistic. I want to help people see what's actually possible in today's world.

Part of it is just good business. If my book is a product, I want to get feedback on the quality of the product, I want to build distribution channels, etc.

And part of it is selfish. At times, my ADHD makes things harder for me than they should be. By building a community around me that is cheering me on, it's a lot easier to stay motivated. And that fuels my creativity even further.

It's also more fun. (Fun is a really big motivator here. I don't know how successful this will be financially. But if it's fun, then it's successful. Any monetary success is just icing on the proverbial cake.)

So let's have some fun together. If that sounds fun to you, sign up for email updates. Community experiences will be starting soon.

I can't wait to have you be a part of it!